Why pay more for less?

If you can’t tell the difference… Why are you paying a 50% – 70% more for Contact Kits and Coils???

Have you ever heard the Lexus ES350 is the same car as the Toyota Avalon? Here is a snippet from the website of Toyota of Naperville…

When we pit the 2013 Toyota Avalon vs. 2013 Lexus ES350, we knew that the comparison would be similar and, quite frankly both are quality cars. They both are newly redesigned on the same platform and both offer a hybrid version. The big difference in the battle of the 2013 Toyota Avalon Vs. 2013 Lexus ES350 is the price. You will pay less for virtually the same vehicle with the Toyota Avalon.

Focus in on the line I have highlighted. The biggest difference is the price! The fact is there are a lot of people paying a premium for the Lexus name and getting virtually the exact same car as the person paying less for the Toyota Avalon.

I hate to be the one to tell you, but if you are buying OEM contacts instead of Lanco contacts you are doing the same thing… Paying for the name!

Lanco contacts are made to meet or exceed OEM standards and a lot of our components are made by the exact same suppliers on the exact same tooling as the OEM. Our quality and your satisfaction is always guaranteed with Lanco and you will never pay a restocking fee on returned items.

So why are you paying more for contact kits when you could be providing a superior quality product at a lower price, saving your customer money and all the while improving your bottom line.


Lanco Contacts is an American manufacturer of premium quality replacement electrical contact kits, coils and other motor control products. Lanco Contact was founded in 1995 and our products have been sold all over the world. For more information on Lanco Contacts visit us on the internet at www.lancocontacts.com
Posted By Lanco Contacts Marketing Department
Lanco Contacts is a manufacturer and supplier of premium quality electric contact kits and coils. Lanco is located in Denton, Texas. For more information visit us at www.lancocontacts.com.